Friday, June 6, 2014

The Great Lessons: Lesson 1, The Coming of the Universe and Earth

Lesson 1, The Coming of the Universe and Earth
This was a quick one week introduction for a rising sixth grader who had never experienced the Montessori Great Lessons.

We read the first 75 pages of A Really Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

 Doodle read How the World Began: Creation in Myths and Legends

We read and looked at the poster The Cosmos: You Are There.

We read and printed the Cosmic Timeline shown at the scale of one calendar year from the University of Victoria site of Prof. Arif Babul and attached it to the poster.

We went to the park and did The Earth as a Peppercorn solar system model. There are a lot of descriptions online explaining how to do this activity. I took ideas from several, but this is the one we used to pace off the distance. It, of course, isn't as exact as actually measuring the distances, but it was awfully convenient. We actually only made it to Uranus as the park area wasn't large enough to accommodate the all the planets and Pluto. We plan to try this activity again with friends who have a straight dead end road near their home.

Doodle is sitting beside Uranus and the sun is all the way in the treeline in the background.

We also visited went to an inflatable planetarium that was made available free as a public outreach initiative. There were less than ten of us who attended the teen/ adult session, so it was more personal than any planetarium show that I have attended. Doodle really enjoyed going. It was definitely the highlight of Lesson 1.


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